IEEPL MAKE PTF temperature , pressure and flow rate integrated monitor is a new generation of online monitoring instrument with TUV certification,  which can be monitor the temperature , pressure and flow rate of flue gas in the pipe line/stack/Raw mill/Duct under sever conditions with High accuracy. It is the important parameter to calculate the pollution emission in the continuous monitoring system (CEMS). Our flow meter has provision of multi point single pitot tube and multipoint multiple pitot tube meeting CPCB direction for Emission monitoring.
  • 2 m/s low flow rate measurement by pressure sensor of Ultra low range.
  • Settable parameter : timing purge, velocity field, coefficient and etc.
  • Protection for over pressure to avoid damage to pressure sensor & lower protection cost.
  • Automatic Zero calibration, the output signal strong.
  • Pitot tube anti- blocking & anticorrosive.
  • O/p : 4-20MA (3 no.)  & RS485 communication
  • TUV Certified
  • Stack, Duct, Raw mill, Pipe lines
Hygronom is used to measure humidity of flue gas emitted by pollution source. According to measured humidity, it converts wet gas concentration into dry gas concentration and can be used in industrial online humidity monitoring. HM-200 hygronom is an intelligent humidity/oxygen transmitter, which employs microprocessor as the core, and frequency conversion icon oxygen sensor as measuring unit. The installation method adopts heat tracing pipeline installation.
  • Portable structure, easy to install and disassemble
  • Able to measure humidity of 300°C flue gas
  • Able to match with large-scale system for measurement or independent measurement
  • The probe is equipped with heat tracing function to prevent condensate water from damaging probe and affecting measuring value
  • Imported core components with high performance index and reliability
  • O/p : 4-20MA (2 no.)  & RS485 communication
  • TUV Certified