Indexel provide comprehensive solution with supply, installation & commissioning of field instruments like Emission Analyzer (Sox,NOx,PM,Hg)& Effluent Analyzer (COD,BOD,TSS & PH) and also take care of data transmission at State Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board & compliance as per guidelines of SPCB & CPCB Authority.
Indexel also provideReal-Time Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analytics suite of Products for Industrial Emissions, Effluent Discharges and Ambient Air Monitoring in SPCB and CPCB Server.
Indexel using wireless data logger (IIOT Gateway) for client-side data logging and transmit data using LAN/Wi-Fi/GPRS etc.
We are offering below mentioned Solutions with features
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System
  • Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System.
  • Remote Calibration System
  • Stack Monitoring System
  • Central Ground Water Monitoring System


Data Acquisition
  • Supports any digital analyser make and models with using RS232/RS485/Modbus protocols
  • Support anyanalog analyser with 4-20mA signal.
Data Management
  • Browser based Interactive User Interface
  • Cloud base data storage
Reporting& Data Analysis
  • Pre-configured reports as per Regulatory requirements
  • Dashboards & trends provide on all captured data.
  • Real time Alerts and alarm for all monitored parameters.
  • Provide SMS facility
Mobile App
  • Real Time Alerts and Alarms available on the mobile.
  • Provides real time data from industry emission on mobile using secured login

Remote Calibration System as per CPCB Guidelines:

Indexel provide complete remote calibration facility for Emission Analyzer with Complete software system with using IIOT.

The Benefits
1. Remote calibration
  • Remote calibration, configuration and complete protocol integration with diagnostics.
  • Supports immediate and scheduled Remote Calibration of Analyzers
  • Auto generation of QAL3 Reports and CUSUM, SHEWART and EWMA Charts
  • Validation system for QAL 2, QAL 3 and AST
2. Monitor real-time and at scale
  • Live Remote Calibration status, parameter monitoring and online collaboration with industries.
  • Real-time Data Integrity, Data Quality monitoring, and automated data validation
Key Features of Remote Calibration
  • No Static IP required
  • Any Remote Calibration Analyzer Make and Model
  • Pre-built Remote Calibration Reports for Regulatory Compliance including IED reports.
  • Remote calibration possible with Analog Analyzers (4-20mA output) and digital Analyzer (RS485 output).
  • Performs 2-point calibration check (zero and span)
Architecture of Remote Calibration
Wireless data logger features
    • IIOT support 3G & 4G network and also Wi-Fi & LAN supported.
    • Up to 16GB internal storage availability in gateway.
    • RS232/RS485, Analog Input, Digital Input and Digital output port availability in gateway.