Telemetry IIOT

In Industrial Applications, many of us started considering 3G/4G modems/Gateways/routers for our SCADA & Telemetry applications. But the major problem is Cyber Threat in secured process information.

To resolve this issue with higher security we need to add some specific Technology.

For various Telemetry applications IE22 Secured &compact design makes this Indexel Gateway perfect for an application where a sole device (PLC/RTU/Data logger etc.) must be granted reliable Internet connectivity. IE22 is engineered to be used in Industrial applications suitable up to 70 deg.C, and it has a wide range of software features such as SMS control, Firewall, Open VPN, IPsec, RMS and FOTA support.IE22 is equipped with Ethernet port, Digital Inputs/Outputs and a micro-USB port.

The IE22 gateway supports a variety of VPN protocols that can be used to connect multiple local networks into a single virtual network. This provides safe remote access to other users of the same VPN from around the world.

Wi-Fi functionality provides local connectivity for system administrators to visualize system data using portable devices. System administrators with different responsibilities can monitor live data dashboards that are tailored to their interests and give early notifications about maintenance, efficiency and coating quality.

This IoT device is compatible with the Remote Management System (RMS), through which not only the router status can be monitored, but also the 4G router itself can be configured.

Key Applications
  • Full management of PLCs/RTUs/Data loggers/cameras and NVRs via HTTP or HTTPS
  • Remote access of PLCs/RTUs/Data loggers logic software & can Live view from smartphone or tablet
  • Email or SMS alerts if PLCs/RTUs/Data loggers have an Input/output system
Some Prestigious Projects done for:-
  • Bisalpur Dam, Deoli – Rajasthan
  • Gudha Dam, Bundi – Rajasthan
  • Jawai Dam, Pali – Rajasthan
  • Narmada Canal, Jalore – Rajasthan
  • PHED, Rajasthann
  • RUIDP, Rajasthan
  • Municipal Corporation, Madhya Pradesh

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